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Eddy Clearwater

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“There will never be anyone as humble and grateful for life and his opportunity to play the blues for you then, Eddy Clearwater. He was so honored to be inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 2016 and to receive proclamations naming it Eddy Clearwater Day on his birthday, January 10th 2018 from Westmont, IL and Skokie, IL his two residences. Eddy was proud to have lived in Skokie, IL for the past 20 years with his wife, Renee and their family. He loved the village so much he just penned a song, “Skokie A First Class Town.” Eddy was going to be the Grand Marshall for this years Fourth of July Parade. Eddy was family, I was his publicist and neighbor for the past ten years we enjoyed holidays and celebrations together. I will continue to celebrate his life, his music and his legacy.”
— Lynn Orman Weiss, publicist/archivist

“Eddy was a top notch showman who remained humbled as his beginnings in rural Mississippi. He always brought in fans from around the world and rocked the house. He and his band would have headlined Buddy Guy’s Legends on Friday, June 8th. The Buddy Guy Family at Legends will miss him.”
— Mark Maddox, Manager & Talent Buyer at Buddy Guy’s Legends.

“I am so saddened by the loss of Eddy Clearwater. He was like an uncle to me. Eddy watched me grow up with my dad the legendary, Lonnie Brooks. I’d be running around, but listening to them play guitar. We had been working on his next CD release, co-writing was so healing for me since my father’s death. I produced his award-winning album, “West Side Strut” on Alligator Records which just celebrated its 10th anniversary. We just wrote some killer songs together. I was so looking forward to doing this next record with him. For Eddy to have so much trust in me was priceless.”
— Ronnie Baker Brooks

“Eddy Clearwater’s 2016 induction into the Blues Hall of Fame will always remain a highlight for me as one of my first official duties presiding over The Blues Foundation. It was an honor to know Eddy personally, and while his legacy as a premier blues musician should be forever revered, I will always remember him for his kind disposition and warm personality. He will truly be missed by all who knew him and all who ever saw him perform or heard one of his recordings.”
— Barbara Newman, President & CEO, The Blues Foundation

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