Eddy The Chief Clearwater
Eddy 'The Chief' Clearwater
Eddy - The Chief - ClearwaterEddy 'The Chief' ClearwaterEddy 'The Chief' ClearwaterEddy Clearwater ABC 7Eddy 'The Chief' ClearwaterEddy Clearwater on facebookEddy 'The Chief' Clearwater
Eddy Clearwater on facebook
Eddy Clearwater on facebook
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Eddy 'The Chief' ClearwaterEddy Clearwater on facebook
Eddy - The Chief - ClearwaterEddy The Chief Clearwater
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Eddy The Chief' ClearwaterEddy 'The Chief' ClearwaterEddy 'The Chief' ClearwaterEddy Clearwater
Eddy 'The Chief' Clearwater
Eddy 'The Chief' Clearwater
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Chicago Tribune - Jan. 7th - by Howard Reich

Chicago Tribune - Chicago Live

Examiner.com - by William Kelly Milionis

Lynn Orman WNUR "The Blues Show" interview with Eddy Clearwater (mixcloud.com) [2:07:44]
Thanks to everybody who came to celebrate my 79th Birthday As a special thank you, I've added two new SoundClouds Tracks:
The first is my Valentine's Day present to you...a song called: "Love Being Loved By You" from the Bullseye Blues Label in 1996. Enjoy!

Thank everybody for celebrating Eddy Clearwaters birthday

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