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Eddy 'The Chief' Clearwater
formerly the House of Blues Radio Hour
Here is what ELLWOOD’S BLUESMOBILE HAS TO SAY: Thanks for tuning in on Saturday March 8 and Sunday March 9 for a special Interview with Eddy ‘THE CHIEF’ Clearwater.
Please Listen to the interview with Eddy
and Dan Akroyd (Ellwood Blues):

I’m excited to be going back into my favorite studio, RAXX TRAX with Rick Barnes to record my next album on Alligator Records. I have been listening to some great new tunes and I will be updating behind the scenes photos from the studio. Here is one of me and Rick during the recording of the House of Blues Radio, Ellwood’s BluesMobile.


For a Bluesman getting into the studio to perform is a task at 7:45 am in the morning unless of course it is with two of Chicago’s most talented and beautiful on air personalities, Melissa Forman and Jean Sparrow the hosts of WCIU television’s, ‘You and Me This Morning.’ I had a lot of fun wrapping up Black History Month and performing two of my favorite Blues songs, ‘Came Up The Hard Way’ and ‘Lonesome Town’..... When we were off air the girls asked if I had a weather related song and I sure did! ‘Chicago Weather Woman’ seems to fit the winter blues — with the windchill of 9 below and a fresh layer of snow we need some blues to get us through Chiberia. Here it is just for you: 
Click here for WCIU Video of You and Me TV show

Photo: Melissa Forman, Karen Wands, Eddy, Lynn Orman Weiss, Jeanne Sparrow

With consistently exciting live performances,
Eddy Clearwater brings a wide array of influences
to the party. Gospel, country, ‘50s rock, and deep-down
blues are all incorporated into his slashing guitar attack. But when he puts his mind to it, “The Chief”
(a nickname accrued from his penchant for donning Native American headdresses on-stage) is one of
the Windy City’s finest bluesmen.

My beautiful wife, Renee' brought six birthday cakes that everybody had a piece of during intermission.

What a Blues Party at My House... Shoji Naito, Stephen Bass, Billy Flynn, Billy Branch, Johnny Iguana, Wayne Baker Brooks, Tom Crivellone, Dave Knauf with Renee Greenman, Lynn Orman Weiss, Abbe Silverberg Sparks, Elaine Lazarus-Hausheer

Thank you to all of my fans and friends from around the world for joining me in celebrating my 80th birthday. It was a memorable evening with Billy Branch, Wayne Baker Brooks, Mark Weidra and Billy Flynn joining me on stage. The Sold Out Show was filled with friends and family including my newest friend, Dr. Hector Ferral. Dr. Ferral loves the Blues and Renee and I love this man he is a miracle worker with hands of gold.

Here is a special bonus: Shot at the live recording of my 79th birthday by Paul Chen: Here is a video recorded at Eddy's 79th Birthday show at Evanston SPACE Here is some video of one of the songs we performed featuring special guest Ronnie Baker Brooks.

PARTY AT MY HOUSE — Eddy Clearwater, Cleartone Music

My DVDs and CDs, West Side Strut and Soul Funky Live are available in the Alligator Records store



TOO OLD TO GET MARRIED (Bonus! So maybe it doesn’t count)

Eddy the Chief Clearwater is one of the great figures of Chicago blues.Back in the fifties, he absorbed the music of Muddy Waters, Louis Jordan, and Chuck Berry, to come up with his own unique style.He is one of the major blues showmen, and a master of playing the guitar left handed.Upside down. Quality time with Eddy the Chief Clearwater.

Every week Elwood Blues points the BluesMobile down the road to bring you the finest in blues music both old and new. From California to New York, Florida to Toronto, Mississippi to Chicago, across the ocean and back again. The sound is cranked up. Passenger side and back seat are empty. Hop in and take a ride, next time in the

This week you will hear Eddy ‘The Chief’ Clearwater’s...

1) “They Call Me the Chief” — Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater (Soul Funky / Cleartone)

2) “Five Guys Named Moe” —Louis Jordan (Best of Louis Jordan / MCA) - one of Eddy’s favorite artist and songs.

3) “Hypnotized” — Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater (Soul Funky / Cleartone)

4) “Too Old To Get Married” —Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater (Soul Funky / Cleartone)

5) “All Your Love” — Otis Rush (1956-1958 / Paula)

6) “Please Accept My Love” — Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater (Soul Funky / Cleartone)

Thank you to Jennie working on the BluesMobile to make sure it is in tune and to everyone at Raxx Trax for making sure the audio was just right.


On March 21st Eddy will receive the “Keeping The Blues On Air” Legacy Award from radio broadcasters, Tommy Williams and radio personality, Dinnahlynn Briggs at WLTH Radio in Gary, Indiana. The award recognizes Eddy for his over 60 years of recording the Blues and having his songs played on radio stations across the world and is a tribute to Eddy’s dedication to recording Blues music. The event will be streamed live.
Eddy 'The Chief' Clearwater

JUS BLUES AWARD — Honors, Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater
Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater will be honored for his outstanding contributions in Blues music, he has been selected by the Jus’ Blues Music Selection Committee as our prestigious honoree for the 2015 Jus` Blues Little Milton Lifetime Bluesman Award. The “Night of the Living Legends” will take place on July 30th at Bluesville Music Hall inside the Horseshoe Casino Resort Hotel located next door to the Gold Strike Casino Resort Hotel.

The selection process involved input by Blues & Soul music magazine writers, editors, radio personnel, Blues and Soul music websites, Blues organizations and others that help make up the Jus` Blues Music Selection Committee.

>A Note From: Charles Mitchell, Founder and CEO of the Jus Blues Music Foundation, Inc.:

Our upcoming 15th annual event promises to be the best ever asThe Jus’ Blues “Night of the Living Legends”honors one of Mississippi and Chicago's Living Legends of the Blues, Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater.

The Jus’ Blues “Night of the Living Legends” is always a spectacular event as it consists of performances, awards, tributes, industry folks, the fans and a lot of fun. Our music director is legendary drummer, Tony TC Coleman, formerly of B. B. King’s band.Check out:

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“Backlit by six pillars of fire illuminating the way to The Blues That Time Forgot. Raw. Real. Playful. Ruthless. Surreptitiously Libidinous to the Dirtiest Extreme. Piercing and Powerful Beyond the Point of Exhaustion. And it’s all captured on Soul Funky as something so wild seldom is.”
   — Terry Abrahamson, Chicago Blues Guide

Philadelphia Inquirer Review
“At 65, a hale ‘Chief’ still belts the blues He may be 65 years old, but, to paraphrase one of his best songs, Eddy “the Chief” Clearwater is not about to lay his guitar down.

and Rock n Roll City
“by The Chicago Tribune, USA Today’ Brian Mansfield, The New Yorker, Graffiti’s Michael Lipton, CMJ New Music Monthly, Harp and over a dozen others!

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Eddy 'The Chief' Clearwater
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Saturday June 13th
I am happy to join Billy Branch and the Sons Of Blues
on stage in celebration of one of our Blues Legends, greatest Blues writers and musicians in tribute to his 100th birthday, Willie Dixon.


Eddy to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from Broadcaster, Tommy Williams & Dinalynn Biggs, on-air personality at WLTH Radio and Smokin’ 99.
Eddy is the of this Distinguished award for Eddy’s 60 years of recording the Blues and receiving International airplay.


The big birthday celebration ended with the whole audience singing happy birthday to Eddy and the band of blues brothers on stage playing, ‘Got Your Mojo Workin’ and did they ever. Eddy’s fans were in the aisles dancing the night away and singing along.
(L-R) Shoji Naito, Stephen Bass, Billy Flynn, Billy Branch, Johnny Iguana, Wayne Baker Brooks Tom Crevillone, Dave Knaupf
photo credit: Lynn Orman Weiss


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Between his slashing left-handed guitar work, his room-filling vocals, his self-defined "rock-a-blues" style (a forceful mix of blues, rock, rockabilly, country and gospel), his boundless energy and even his signature Indian headdress, Clearwater is among the very finest practitioners of the West Side blues working today.
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