See Eddy "The Chief' Clearwater Play Live!
Thursday August 29, 2013
Terra Blues in New York - 10 pm

Come to the Niagra Falls Blues Fest!
Saturday August 31, 2013
Niagra Falls, New York - 9:30 pm

Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater, a Chicago legend, is known for "gritty West Side shuffles and belly-grinding slow blues that highlight his raw chops, soulful vocals, and earthy, humorous lyrics". (Downbeat) This left-handed guitar player loves to perform, transporting his instantly recognizable "rock-a-blues" from Romania, to Turkey, to Terra Blues. This "Blue Guitarist of the Year" award- winner is a show to catch. Be prepared for the most authentic, uninhibited, Chicago blues this side of Illinois.

It's the 50th Anniversary of the 'March On Washington'
Let's Live Martin Luther King's DREAM and
come together for it's 'A Time From Peace'

Let's Live Martin Luther King's Dream
...For its a
'Time For Peace' and to
Tear Down The
' Wall Of Hate'

A Time For Peace
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Eddy The Chief Clearwater

Wall of Hate
from Reservation Blues

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Between his slashing left-handed guitar work, his room-filling vocals, his self-defined "rock-a-blues" style (a forceful mix of blues, rock, rockabilly, country and gospel), his boundless energy and even his signature Indian headdress, Clearwater is among the very finest practitioners of the West Side blues working today.
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